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Brand: Cgu Sol Steady
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  • HOPEGIRL Super Wonder Magic Mascara
    Lightweight volume presented by Generlash Volume Technology
    Generlash Volume Technology delivers moisture as soft pudding and rich in nourishment.
    It keeps eyelashes from losing moisture and provides natural-looking volume that enhances the fullness each time it is applied.
    Volume filled with nourishment that keeps the eyelashes healthy
    It contains the same nutritious ingredients as VOLUMER (vitamin B complex, Generlash Composite).
    Inner volume with energy delivered deep into the root of the eyelashes
    Superfine medical brush that allows application right from the root of the eyelashes
    A distinguishing superfine brush that delivers nutritious ingredients deep into the root of the eyelashes for the better absorption of nourishment and clump-free volume.


  • How to Use
    Press the root of the upper lashes for several seconds, and then apply the mascara twice like you're lifting it up from the root.
    Split lashes into three sections (innermost corner, center and outermost corner) and brush them upwards in a zigzag motion. At this point, apply more on the center to enhance their fullness.
    Turn the brush on its side to brush down bottom lashes and lightly apply the mascara on top of the lashes for more luxuriant-looking lashes without any smudging.
    Once the mascara is dried, reapply two-three times to give more voluminous eyelashes.
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